KEI (Kuntz Electroplating Inc.)

KEI proudly supports local Waterloo Region initiative “Toasty Toes 2016”

October 17th, 2016

This Fall,  KEI has been asked by our region to support a local, community initiative – called Toasty Toes!

Most of us, are very fortunate to have LOTS of socks and we can go out and buy ourselves a new pair – or pairs  – whenever we need them; however, unfortunately, there are many people, here in Waterloo Region who are not as fortunate.

Can you imagine not having socks, especially at this time of the year as the days are becoming shorter and colder?

Socks are an essential  part of good health and are a constant need for homeless people, who spend the majority of time on their feet.

Those who are homeless suffer from many foot-related afflictions including —swelling, blisters, skin infections, even frostbite.  These afflications can be avoided by simply wearing new, dry socks.

That’s why KEI is hosting our first Toasty Toes Sock Drive for the homeless from now until November 10th, 2016.

Last year ToastyToes 2015 collected 1001 pairs of new socks.  They were distributed locally in Waterloo Region to Bridgest Shelter, Cambridge Self Help Food Bank, House of Friendhsip, Kaljas Homes for Supportive Living, Marillac Place, ROOF and St. John’s Soup Kitchen,

If you’d like to donate – You can donate socks through the Human Resources Department – here at KEI!