KEI (Kuntz Electroplating Inc.)


July 18th, 2012

All of our polishing and buffing is done in-house to ensure maximum quality, reduced handling, and improved communications between the pre plate and finishing operations. We utilize the most advanced robotic polishing technology available to ensure consistent quality. Our automated polishing and buffing systems also reduces the level of manual labour required so that we remain competitive in the global marketplace.

    • Combining the latest in robotics technology and the years of polishing knowledge, Kuntz has been able to reduce labor cost by automating the process of polishing, copper and color buffing. It also helps to increase the overall system first- pass yields by reducing the amount of polishing rejects allowed to pass down stream into the subsequent finishing processes.
    • The development and use of “sensitive force head technology,” ensures that a high quality automated finish is repeatable part to part. The technology is a combination of sensors that regulate the robot in not only the distance to the polishing head but the amount of pressure applied to a given part on a particular axis of movement.
    • Offline programming technology allows our polishing experts to develop polishing paths quickly and efficiently using CAD and engineering data without the need for slow and costly teach-pendent techniques.

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