KEI (Kuntz Electroplating Inc.)



July 18th, 2012

All of our polishing and buffing is done in-house to ensure maximum quality, reduced handling, and improved communications between the pre plate and finishing operations. We utilize the most advanced robotic polishing technology available to ensure consistent quality. Our automated polishing and buffing systems also reduces the level of manual labour required so that we […]


July 17th, 2012

Our 500,000 sqaure foot facility houses four of the industries largest and most advanced plating lines for decorative copper-nickel-chrome finishes for steel and aluminum substrates. The combination of the computer automated, high-volume hoist plating lines, and auxiliary anode technology has afforded Kuntz the ability to: Process the most challenging and complex part geometries required by […]

Secondary Services

July 16th, 2012

Our experience is often needed and solicited to assist in the design phase to optimize part performance and to ensure that all finishing criteria can be met to specification. Our dedicated Product Managers and Quality Engineers will work with your designers and studios to ensure the desired quality levels are met. We may also design […]

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