Location, location, location.  Short, responsive and cost effective supply chains are more important than ever.  KEI is located in the manufacturing hub of North America serving major Tier 1 suppliers and OEM’s in the North East and throughout the manufacturing belt.

We choose world-class suppliers close to our facility to maximize efficiencies and lower freight costs, handling damage and overall product costs.

Map of North America with red dot

An Advanced Coating Company, KEI develops coatings solutions for any premium application. Our finished products are everywhere – Pick-ups trucks, SUV’s, EV’s, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, heavy trucks, consumer products and many more.

Our location in the heartland of EV development allows us to work closely with suppliers and automakers to bring to market technical coatings solutions.  We are the leader in our field.  We are the most advanced full-service coatings company in North America.