Kuntz Electroplating Inc. is committed to maintaining its position as a leader within the plating and automotive sectors, and we recognize the important role that each supplier has in maintaining our position of excellence in technology, research and development, cost, quality and delivery. Our intent is to establish long-term strategic relationships with our suppliers; therefore it is incumbent on each supplier to maintain a leadership position in quality, cost, service the environment and continuous improvement. As part of our core values, we will endeavor to make every effort to manage our supplier relationships with integrity and professionalism.

Social Responsibility

As one of its corporate Core Values, KEI is committed to being environmental stewards and has many different programs designed to protect our environment and manage critical resources. We expect our suppliers to show the same dedication and commitment to the environment, and recommend certification to ISO 14001 environmental management standards. We encourage our Suppliers to exercise good Product Stewardship and Sustainable Procurement. Where possible we ask suppliers to provide Sustainable products that can be reused or recycled that will minimize the environmental impact at the end of its product life – transportation, landfill use, hazardous waste disposal/treatment, GHG emissions, etc. The joint efforts of the employees, supervisors, management, contractors, customers, suppliers, and visitors at KEI ensure in the measurable success of the environmental management systems.

Conflict Minerals

Under legislation which came into effect in 2012, manufacturers who file certain reports with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) must disclose whether products they manufacture, or contract to manufacture, contain conflict minerals that come from sources that support or fund inhumane treatment in the region of the Democratic Republic of Congo or an adjoining country. To ensure compliance, KEI must request information regarding the use of conflict minerals from all applicable suppliers. We ask that any supplier contacted support KEI in their request by accurately providing all requested data and reports.


Supplier performance is assessed on a semi-annual basis for selected suppliers, and is monitored and reported using KEI’s vendor scorecard system. It is important to KEI to maintain healthy relationships with suppliers and the vendor scorecard system provides the requisite mechanism to evaluate and share feedback on a regular basis.

Continuous Improvement

Through its core values, KEI is dedicated to continuous improvement; to constantly evaluate our processes to find better ways of doing things. We expect our suppliers to show the same dedication to continuous improvement. Suppliers should establish continuous improvement as an integral part of their management systems and business planning process. Together we can build a stronger relationship and grow our businesses.


KEI’s goal is for all suppliers of materials and services directly affecting production to demonstrate conformity to the latest ISO standards. It is important for us to set the standard and be the leader in our industry, and thus a necessity to form relationships with suppliers holding an ISO certification.