In 2019 KEI designed and built our newest advanced coatings centre: a state-of-the-art powder coating plant to produce premium painted products.  Every stage of the powder coating line reflects KEI’s drive to produce products with class “A” finishes and the most stringent of testing requirements.  Every part of KEI’s powder coating process meets or exceeds OEM requirements.

Powder coating is environmentally friendly. While liquid paint finishes contain solvents known as volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), powder coating contains no solvents and does not release any signicant amounts of VOC’s into the atmosphere.

One of the most important steps in achieving high quality surface finish is part surface preparation. KEI Powder Coating features a 6-stage Zirconium pre-treatment system that is environmentally friendly and provides a superior pre-treatment to zinc or iron phosphate based systems.

The pre-heat stage allows for better paint attraction for hard to coat locations such as corners, cavities, and thin grooves. It also provides great recoat capabilities and produces an overall smoother looking finished surface. Pre-heat also allows for application of DualCoat (i.e. primer coat / top coat) with co-cure.

The Clean Room, where the powder is applied to the part, is completely sealed off from the rest of the line and uses a dedicated HEPA filtered hvac system where the temperature and humidity control is critical in maintaining a consistent product finish.  Our system is designed for the most difficult finishes such as gloss-black automotive and motorcycle exterior applications or complicated EV battery applications.

KEI is proud to focus on part quality and quality consistency through “Recipe based Powder Coating”.

Consistency is achieved through:

  • Full tracking and identification control
  • Continuous computer controlled monitoring of every part at every stage of the process
  • Ability to customize every stage for each individual rack
  • Fixture style racking that eliminates part position variations
  • Power and Free conveyor system allowing full part flow control