Privately owned and operated by the Kuntz family since 1948, KEI is North America’s most advanced plating facility boasting 3 of the industry’s largest computer-automated and high-volume plating lines, 1 research & development line, and 1 small volume plating line.  All plating lines produce a long-lasting and highly decorative finish using a combination of copper, quad nickel, micro-discontinuous chrome.

For deep and complex designs, we are leaders in auxiliary anode-assist plating.  We specialize in an efficient, once-through plating process for forgings, die castings, investment castings, machine billet and extruded aluminum, steel stampings and castings.

We have perfected selective plating, masking and plugging techniques on some of the most difficult and tolerance-sensitive parts including motorcycle brake calipers and wheels.  The ability to process the most challenging and complex part geometries required by OEM’s and their styling departments makes us a worldwide leader in surface finishing.

Electroplating is a time-tested technology that provides the highest level of corrosion protection for exterior applications.  In addition to scratch and wear resistance, plating can provide a lustrous high gloss mirror-like finish unlike any other finishing technology.

As an Advanced Coatings Company, KEI was also the first to commercialize “Midnight Chrome”, a deep black electroplated finish that compliments glossy or matte black painted finishes.

Alternatively, Satin Nickel provides a mat or shiny silvery appearance that is a common styling theme in automotive interiors and exteriors and with recreational vehicle and motorcycles.  Combining nickel-chrome with satin or black chrome provides unique colour characteristics that satisfy the stringent quality and performance requirements and the ever growing desire to customize exterior finishes.