KEI (Kuntz Electroplating Inc.)


July 17th, 2012

Our 500,000 sqaure foot facility houses four of the industries largest and most advanced plating lines for decorative copper-nickel-chrome finishes for steel and aluminum substrates. The combination of the computer automated, high-volume hoist plating lines, and auxiliary anode technology has afforded Kuntz the ability to:

    • Process the most challenging and complex part geometries required by the OEM’s and their styling departments. Selective plating, masking, and plugging techniques have been perfected on some of the most difficult and tolerance-sensitive parts such as on motorcycle brake calipers and wheels.
    • Offer a warranty backed plating processes that consistently exceeds 250 hours of CASS testing when required or cost effective functional and decorative plating when CASS results are reduced.
    • Copper – Build plating and buffing to allow for highly cosmetic processing of low pressure castings and other inherently porous substrates.
    • The ability to also process forgings, die castings, investment castings, machined billet, extruded aluminum, and stampings no matter what the shape or size.
    • Automated post-polish washing systems ensures that parts are clean prior to plate. This allows for improved pre-plate inspection and reduction of cleaning rejects in plating.

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