All of our polishing and buffing is done in-house to ensure maximum quality and reduced handling. We invest in the most advanced robotic polishing technology available.

Our automated polishing and buffing systems can reduce the level of manual labour by up to 90%.  We have over 30 advanced robotic cells in addition to many high-speed rotary and in-line polishing machines.

KEI ‘s in-house Automation Team and process engineers develop and maintains our robotic polishing equipment.  For most cosmetic applications, it all starts here.

Our 4th Generation Robotic technology combine precision force technology that regulate the robot in not only the distance to the polishing head but also in the amount of pressure applied to a given part on a particular axis of movement.

Our in house programmers customize each robotic path and maintain these programs through the life of the program.

We have 24-hour in-house service for our robots.  Our master programmers began as polishers, who therefore fully understand the art of polishing and can teach the robots both base and advanced paths.